Jaguar Photo Art

I took the photo of the jaguar at the Cameron Park Zoo, Waco, Texas. It was a job removing the fence, but well worth it to create the fun photo art.

Well, we did it all yesterday. We made the unicorn puppet, and the veggie bugs (they were delicious and made of sparkle tomatoes–I think they’re really called midgets, and black olives, cucumbers, and whipped cream cheese, with chives from the garden), and walked, and had a great time. First thing this morning is a trip to the zoo, then a birthday party. We have a wild day ahead of us.

May be an image of fruit and indoor
As to the veggie bugs and unicorn puppet, I will stick to my regular day job. I’m not a food artist or a great arts and crafts person! lol

I actually managed to get to 10K on the Billionaire book, yay! After our wild day, I’ll be photographing everything, I hope to get back to work on proofing White Wolf and working on more word count for Billionaire.

But we’re off super early this morning, so have a great day!!!

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  1. And to think that the jaguar use to live in S. Cal. close to the Mexican border at one time. They came up from the west side of Mexico and S. Cal. before all the people got there that are there now.

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