Black Alpha Wolf Photo Art

I love this wildlife reserve. The last couple of years I’ve gone to Omaha, it’s snowed, even in October, and they close it the first time they get snow. Ugh.

This is the alpha male at the Omaha wildlife reserve.

So today will be a busy day. If we can manage, we’ll be making vegetable bugs, my granddaughter and me, and we’ll be creating a paper dragon. Now, depending on how they turn out, there may not be pictures. lol

My daughter was telling me about a 3 year old who could read 1 00 pages. My granddaughter every once in a while tells me a word she recognizes, but she doesn’t want to read really. I do ask her to tell me repetitive words in a book to try and get it to sink in until she’s learned them whether she wants to or not. And it’s fun for us.

I need to get this done as she’ll be here momentarily.

I managed to get to ch 7 on proofing on White Wolf Moon yesterday. Need to get some more chapters done today. And I did get 1,000 words done on Billionaire. Tomorrow is zoo day and I hope I can get some good pictures. It’s supposed to be overcast, maybe rainy, so we shall see. Then we’ll have her birthday party also. She’s really not 4 until the end of the month, but just in case my daughter has the baby early, we’re trying to get some other things done first.

I’m hoping to get White Wolf Moon done by Friday so I can work on taxes on the weekend.

I also saw the cutest Easter idea for a sweet treat–a Peep driving a Twinkie. I couldn’t find Peeps yet, so we’ll do it later.

May be an image of Easter egg and dessert

Hope you all have a great day! It’s misty here!

Giving new meaning to the term alpha male where fantasy is reality.”
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