Robin Art

A fat little robin sitting on the fence.

I worked all day on Billionaire. Woohoo! Okay, so I should have been working on proofing White Wolf Moon, but I did the rest of the edits and then I was working on Billionaire, having a ball with it. I love it when that happens. So I’m up to 7,000 words on it. Only 73,000 words to go. And I proofed ch on White Wolf Moon.

At least I’m getting somewhere with it, so I wasn’t goofing off or anything.  And I was playing with a couple of pictures too.

So it was a great day! Today, I hope to get somewhere on proofing white wolf. lol

Even if the billionaire book is calling to me. Working on edits first on it!

Have a great day! It’s time to begin to work on proofing after I do the edits!

Stay safe!


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