Great White Heron

Great White Heron standing by the fountain at the Houston Zoo.

My son-in-law told me when I began taking pictures of the great white heron that he wasn’t part of the zoo. lol But he was by the fountain and it was a fun shot.

My daughter told me that I was supposed to take pictures of my granddaughter at the zoo. What??? And not the animals? I did take pictures of her, but I have to admit I was having lots of fun shooting the animals.

And some of them even turned out great!

Well, yesterday, I wrote another 3,000 words on the story. I’m having trouble with conflict in the story. That means I’m having my own internal conflict. It happens often. So whenever that happens, I pull up all the resources on conflict to try and center myself on the idea.

I love it when it comes to me, when I can come up with a plot and motivation and conflict and fly right through it. When I get back to writing on the Christmas wolf anthology story, I have it! But I want to get more of this book finished first. I’m at 30,000 words and have 50K left to reach minimum word count.

I managed to plant two of the ligustrum yesterday. I’ve been cutting back the milkweed, pulling weeds. The milkweed had been leafing out and died back with the ice age, so they’re coming back at the roots now. Seven more plants to plant. I hope to get some done today, and the rest done tomorrow.

It’s chilly this morning again. I should appreciate it since when it warms up in a few weeks it will stay hot forever, and then I’ll be wishing it was cooler. But it’s too cold for me right now. lol

Have a great day! Need to get mine started!


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