Adorable Ostrich

When I’m photographing an animal, I forget that what they’re seeing is not me looking at them, but a camera looking at them. So no eyeball contact. But isn’t he/she cute? After she/he quit picking on the young giraffe.

I managed 3,000 words yesterday and to get my car inspected and to get some sunshine ligustrum to replace my skyrocket holly that have died. I figure if one thing doesn’t work, I’m not planting the same thing in its place, especially when everything else seems to do well in that area. I also picked up phlox. When I lived in Oklahoma, I had redbud trees and phlox and the flowers were the same beautiful magenta. So the trees would be covered in the flowers that matched the ground cover in the flowerbeds and it looked so pretty–like I’d actually planned it that way. lol

I haven’t tried them here, and redbud trees are notorious for having weak limbs, so I won’t be planting those here, but I think the phlox will be pretty and hopefully, they will cover some of the area where I fight with weeds. Or the weeds will just grow up in among them anyway. But I keep on trying no matter what. That’s the key. If one thing doesn’t work, try something else.

Some think I have a green thumb, but in actuality, I just keep trying things until something takes hold and voila! A beautiful garden.

Well, I’m off to write today and I have 9 plants to dig holes for and plant.

I finally got the first vaccination yesterday afternoon for COVID–Pfitzer and the next one is April 9th. It was a massive car drive up for the event and I was glad they’re doing that because we have so many people in Houston and the surrounding cities and 5 of the more virulent strains of COVID also. Luckily, despite them opening up the state 100%, I’ve been proud of the Texans who still wear masks and the businesses that are requiring it. We only have 10% of the population vaccinated and that’s not enough.

3 lanes of cars headed for verification of appointment at St Lukes, and then we finally went single file, then double and split off to various tents where they did the paperwork first, and then drove off to more tents where the cars split off into maybe 25 more tents and were given shots, and then we parked in lanes for a time while we were timed to ensure we didn’t have a reaction to the vaccine.

I was talking to a woman as I was loading my plants into the car at Home Depot who said she was so glad to see people wearing masks. She had an 82 year old mother who had breast cancer and a mastectomy last week, but was running around, wearing her mask, still not vaccinated. I told her about St. Lukes, and she needed to sign up. It took me a week to get the email and I had worked like the devil to get one at CVS, but it wasn’t scheduled until the next day, and this one meant I would take my 2nd shot 2 days earlier. With my daughter’s baby due soon, I wanted to be fully vaccinated before he got here and I started taking care of him too. So I cancelled on CVS to give someone else a chance to get the vaccine.

Anyway, it’s back to the book and writing and hopefully, I can get another 3,000 done today. In any event, I need to get 2,000 and then I’m going to start digging holes for breaks.

Have a super lovely day!!!


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