Ostrich on the Move–Photo Art

At the Houston Zoo.

Have you ever seen an ostrich picking on a giraffe before? Pick on your own size, Ostrich! Maybe the ostrich was having a bad day. He/she chased two other ostriches around the enclosure, but also kept picking on a baby/juvenile giraffe. What was up with that?

There’s no call for bullying on the playground. Maybe it’s a natural thing for an ostrich to do. What do I know? But he/she would poke at the sandy soil, then lift her head and poke at the giraffe. And repeat, over and over again. The giraffe didn’t seem to mind at all. So maybe it wasn’t bullying really, but a strange friendship that I couldn’t decipher. It was odd. But then I have to wonder what the deeper motivation was. Did the ostrich just need attention? And the young giraffe was ignoring him?

This is a photo of the Ostrich pecking the young giraffe. Of course, I could make up another story. Ostrich is talking to Giraffe over some perceived slight and Giraffe doesn’t want to discuss it. So instead of tapping on Giraffe’s shoulder to get his attention with his wing, it’s much easier to get his attention using his beak. “Hey, pay attention, Giraffe!”

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it, unless I think of a better one. Motivation, conflict, got to have it. 

So the title for White Wolf Moon is going to be WHILE THE WOLF’S AWAY.  It’ll come out in 2022.

Okay, so it’s time to get back to the book!


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