Red Eyed Bird–Photo Art

Red eyed bird. Does he not get enough sleep? It was such an unusual bird and it was funny how he thought I was just as unusual and stared at me too!

So I planted all the rest of the plants and then had to dig up a couple of crepe myrtles for my daughter. She lost one and I have tons that are popping up all over.

Finally managed to get my 2,000 words yesterday. With gardening and having to pick up the little one at school, I didn’t get as much as I thought I would. I tried all my hoses with her, and she and I got soaked. The nozzles were broken with the hard freeze. I never have had trouble with anything like that before. Next time I’ll have to bring everything in during the winter! Just in case! So then I had to put her in some spare clothes I had so her momma could take her home with her.

And then it was back to the book. But then I received edits that have to be turned in pronto on a novella. Ugh.  I hate to stop what I’m doing to go back to a prior book to edit. I’m in forward motion!

So today I’ll be doing more weeding, but no new planting, and I’m hoping I get more written today! It was a wild and stormy night last night and I was wondering how I was going to take the dogs out in it! I lay there thinking about where I was going with the book too. Though now I’ll also have to begin editing the novella.

By the time I got up, the storms had stopped, thankfully. Everything is nice and wet. That’s good!

Have a super fun day!! I’ve got to get busy!


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