Winsome Water Lily Photo Art

I love water gardens and they’re really fun when koi are swimming below them. When I was in Minnesota, we saw water lilies floating in ditches beside the road and I wanted so bad to capture them!  There were a few at the Houston Zoo, so I shot this one. At the Minnesota arboretum, they had several and I loved how their reflections shown in the water, but also it was raining and that made for a unique perspective. I think I photographed some at the Dallas arboretum also. I took lots of pictures of the koi.

Yay, finished the interview and followup questions, and the edits for SEAL and turned it in. Now I’m back to Billionaire, though I’m kind of stuck on it. I wanted to write some word count on it last night, but I couldn’t figure it out.

I also got two bear orders I need to do. And still need to make my grandson’s bear before he arrives. I can’t believe that it will be so soon!!!

I had one of those sleepless nights. I don’t know whatever causes that, maybe too many things to do and I’m worried about getting it all done, but every hour I looked at the clock and it was awful! An hour into sleep, I thought it would be 4 hours of sleep, and so it went all night long. Don’t you hate it when that happens? I have little one today again, so I knew I couldn’t just try to sleep in.

She’s got a head cold, and she was such a grouch in the morning. lol. But after she helped me crack some eggs for breakfast and feed the dogs, we did a whole a whole lot of workbook pages and she was having fun and no longer a grouch. Then I found a couple of cute movies for her on Amazon Prime that she’d never seen, and then we took a nap. Usually, I just lie down with her until she falls asleep, but this time I rested for about an hour. I was feeling just exhausted by 8:30 yesterday, so I think I’m fighting whatever she has.

Anyway, I’ve got to figure out what to do with this book. Still muddling through options. I hope I figure it out soon! Sometimes I have to write a whole lot of one before I realize what I need to do. Sometimes I know from the outset. Which is better? I’d prefer knowing from the outset! 

We were supposed to have rain this morning. But it looks like we got it already. I was planning on taking little one out to do a bunch of yard play yesterday, but she was so tired with her cold, I skipped it and we had a more restful day instead.

I might start cutting out the other bears today. She wants to help me do everything, so even when I was washing pots and pans, she got into the act and was helping to scrub them. It’s all training for when she grows up. Yes, I know all about child labor laws, but when she gets it in mind she wants to help with something, it’s hard to say no.  She has fun and she makes the chore fun. Hmm, I need to dust again. Maybe we’ll work on that today. And some more fun workbook activities.

We usually have pages where the activity will ask what comes next as they show a picture and you have to choose what the result of an action was. But in this case, it was looking at the result and trying to figure out how that came to be. She had more difficulty with that concept. You always think it’s perfectly clear, as an adult, so it’s interesting to see how a little kid’s mind works to solve mysteries.

We’re trying to come up with ideas for Easter egg hunts that doesn’t mean tons of candy. Her mom is getting her a piggy bank to save money in, and have pennies in plastic eggs. I suggested that we put alphabet letters in the plastic eggs and when she sets all the letters in the proper order, she gets a stuffed toy. So that’s something else we’re working on. And doing fun crafts too, that don’t have anything to do with sweets. I think it’s a great idea! I need to look up some more things like that too. 

It looks like we’re going to have no more rain today!

Hope you all have a super day!


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