Night of the Wolf Coming March 30th!

Night of the Wolf (In the Heart of the Wolf 10th Anniversary Release–now a single release)

Serena Wilder learns all her money has been withdrawn from the bank by the man who has been sharing the rent with her. They’re both wolves. She trusted him. But when he takes off with all her savings, she vows revenge. But first, she returns to the old homestead where she’d lost her whole family due to a fire. In the basement, her father had kept a hidden safe. She hopes it’s still there so she can finance her trip to the Grand Cayman Islands where the thief has settled–using her money!

Tanner Greymere and his three brothers discover a red wolf skulking around their home and they realize just who she is and why she is there. But Tanner has no intention of her running off to fight a wolf on her own, so now the challenge is to locate him on the island, get her money back, and convince her she needs to stay with the pack–with him, but protect her at all costs. But nothing goes their way.


So I was working on Billionaire and finally had some ideas. I’d forgotten that one of the earlier heroines was pregnant, so needed to add something about that. And another couple has a boy, so I had to figure out how old he would be and add him to the story. And then the pregnant woman will add more conflict. So does the boy. He’s 4 years old, what can I say? He added lots in the original story where he was featured. Kids just do. But in a fun way.

Then I had another great idea about one of the dogs that the hero owns in this story. It’s actually based on a true story about my dad, and ironically, the dog’s name was Toby. My dad loved animals–horses, that his grandparents and his mother had, dogs–he never had cats–but when they took care of my cat when I had to go to some army training, he fell in love with her.

This all goes to show that when I’m stuck and don’t know where to go–I still need to keep writing and then suddenly I’ll have that ah-ha moment and there it is! 3500 more words! But so many times, I’m trying to come up with something and it’s not happening. I still write, but when I’m not trying to force something, then it comes to me. I just wish it would come to me more often while I’m writing. lol

I also cleaned the gutter out front. I wasn’t sure I could reach it with my 6 foot ladder. I couldn’t on the backside of the house. It was packed with pine needles. I need to get some of those gutter covers.

I also got rid of two yellow jacket nests being built at each end of the garage. I find that if I hose them down while they’re being built, soaked both yellow jackets, they won’t build there again. I can spray tons of hornet spray and they’ll return every time. But water? The greatest deterrent. The only reason I can think of is that they believe rain is going to wash away their nests, and so they don’t build there any longer. I have a couple places in the protective foyer where they would build and I had a devil of a time stopping them. So that does it!

I pulled weeds too. I thought of going to get groceries today, out of them, but when I went to post about Night of the Wolf, I realized my publisher doesn’t even have a synopsis up for it, so had to write that one. Still need to write the synopsis for SEAL Wolf to the Rescue.

I did manage to cut out 3 bears also, and I need to start sewing those up today. But I also want to get my 2,000 words today on Billionaire. I’m still playing my 4theword game to keep up with my writing! Which makes it even more fun.

The temperature dropped, but it looks like today is going to be the lowest temperature of any days and we’re supposed to have rain.

I’m off to work!

Have a beautiful day and stay safe!!


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