Slow Turtle Day

Yesterday was a turtle day for me. I usually get so much stuff done, but yesterday, I got my word count, and did a synopsis for the Night of the Wolf, but not for White Wolf to the Rescue. I need to do that this morning. And I didn’t get anything done on the bears, though I didn’t care for the one bear fabric I cut out, so I ordered 3 new ones and hopefully one will work. The baby I’m making the bear for has red hair, so I picked up 3 reddish furs. I used to always have them in stock, but I finally used the fabrics up and then I was having trouble finding ones similar.

And I have little one here longer today, so I need to get my word count done earlier. She’s so cute. She really wants to help me with the bears. What can she do? Help to stuff them. What does she want to do? Sew on the sewing machine. lol

Okay, so today no matter what, I need to get groceries–no milk and haven’t had any for days. I spent all day yesterday doing edits and writing. It was too cold to go out. I know my northern friends are laughing at me, but…

I was doing research of some kind, can’t remember what now, and I came across an article about putting twin preemies into the same incubator so that they would thrive. Numerous cases have shown this really works. That the babies cuddle together and provide comfort to each other. I’ve read where they’re used to hearing each other’s heartbeat and that helps to make them feel like they haven’t lost their twin. Do you think it’s like puppies who are inconsolable when separated from their litter mates at first? And then one of my friends was sharing where one twin came five days before another. Now, I’ve written where one came the next day, like minutes apart so they had separate birth dates, but five days apart? Can you imagine trying to explain how your birth date and your twins are that far apart?

In the case of my great aunt and grandmother who were twins, they disagreed until they died as to their birth date, one saying it was one day, the other saying it was two days later. When I was doing genealogy research, I learned my grandmother was right. 

Well, I’ve got to get busy! Have a beautiful day!


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