Bristly Porcupine But So Sweet–Photo Art

I have never gotten a good picture of a porcupine before. This one was cute, though he’s hiding behind a tree branch. I remember going to a big cat reserve in Minnesota that also had bears and other animals. They had a porcupine who cried for attention. But man was he stinky! We still had to stop and talk to him.

I had taken my granddaughter to a children’s museum where they had a baby porcupine they were talking about and the woman was allowing kids to come up and pet him. He was so adorable. That was way before the pandemic. I’d love to take my granddaughter there again, especially when they have the special animal days, but we have to wait until more people are vaccinated. I would like to do a lot of things with her before she ends up in school and then we can’t. *sigh* I can’t believe she’ll be going to kindergarten next August already!

No photo description available.

I’d tried to take her to the Barnes and Noble book reading, but she wouldn’t sit still, she was only two, so we left. I think she would do well with it now, but of course we can’t do it. And the same with the library toddler programs, though now she’s a pre-schooler. In her pre-school, she tells me the teachers tell the kids to stop talking all the time. lol That’s okay. They’re getting them ready for the first step in big kids’ school.

Instead, she can help me put together a sewing cart–she loves to help me build things. And she does a good job at it too. And she can help me stuff bears, clean pots and pans, and feed the birds and dogs. So maybe that’s all she really needs!

Hope you all have a great day!


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