When the Words Come Together!

It was a great writing day yesterday!! I wanted to get out and work on the yard because it was so nice out, but I wanted to get as much as I could get done on the story. Without much in the line of interruptions, I managed to make yesterday’s word count and the day’s before. And I ended up with 500 for today. Yay! I don’t think I’ll get much in the line of writing done today, but the days I have little one, I don’t have any word count scheduled. So if I get some done, it’s all gravy! But really the reason this happened was I had some more ideas for writing and took off with the scenes.

I have a couple of patio chairs and a table to put together for the patio. I didn’t have enough seating and I’ve been here for 6 years, so it was time. But I have had the items sitting in a box for 2 months, and I’m finally getting around to putting them together. Little one helps me. I’ve been teaching her to look at the directions, find the matching letters, the right size machine screws, washers, nuts. To go by which part is done first. She puts the screws in and adds the washers and then the nuts. And then she screws them on. She loves doing it. And I love teaching her how to do things like this so when she’s all grown up, she can do it all by herself! She’s now 4 years old.

Yes, some directions are awful, but these are pretty clear. We put a sewing cart together too. Now we have the two chairs to put together. We’re going to do them both today, hopefully, or one today and the other tomorrow.

I finally got a garden kneeler and she loves it. lol She has been wanting to take it out and garden. That means her playing on it, not really gardening. But I hope to get pictures of her today like she’s already been, lying back on it, looking up at the clouds in the sky. What a gardening life.

I’m going to try and get started on sewing up a couple of bears too today. Maybe she can help me with those–stuffing, that is. I’ve tried to teach her how to turn the pieces so the fur is on the outside of all the parts–arms, ears, legs, body, etc, but that’s still too hard for her. She could stuff them, but she’d rather sew on the sewing machine. Some day.

Well, I need to get off here and feed the dogs that are ravenous! And start to work on something before little one gets here.

May be an image of 1 person, book and text

My editor says that they’re trying to work up a print anthology for the novellas for next year. So thanks to all my readers who only read print books. I get you!! After working on a screen all day, I read print books too. But Night of the Wolf is now out in ebook form!

Have a super, lovely day!!


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