Not April Fool’s!

Rilo and Luna Loving Each Other

I was so upset this morning. I went to upload some beautiful artwork I did of 4 parrots together and my whole folder that I had all my artwork in is gone. I have no idea how that happened. I looked in the trash folder, just to make sure I hadn’t thrown it out by accident when I was getting rid of some other files yesterday, but I hadn’t.

I managed to get my 2,000 words in yesterday! Yay! That was because I had a 500 extra word count from the day before that I hadn’t counted toward that day–I usually wait to count it when I have a 1,000 words, and added a scene from another book that I had cut that amounted to another 500 words, so I wrote 1,000 yesterday.

We also put the two chairs together, did laundry and lots of fun workbooks.

So when  I went to have little one put the washers on the machine screws for the chairs, she asked where the acorns were. To her, nuts are acorns. We have acorns in the yard. All the shows show squirrels going after acorns. Walnuts, peanuts, pecans, Brazil nuts, I have them all, but the only thing she equates nuts to are acorns.

I paused. “Acorns? Nuts!” lol “No nuts on these. So then we proceeded to put the two chairs together.

On the laundry, I have her push the buttons on the wash machine and dryer, trying to teach her to read the words: Power, Start. She has Start down. And when I’m reading books to her, I keep trying to teach her to read words that she’s seen repeatedly. It will come naturally. She recognizes Zoo, since it’s in a book about a Dr. Seuss book about a dog wanting to be in the zoo and she reads all the signs for me. She knows what Stop says because she reads all the stop signs, so if she sees it in a book, she recognizes it. But most of the time, she really doesn’t want to read. I did get her to read all the dogs in Go, Dogs, Go, and some of the more repetitive words, the colors, big, little, in, out, up, down, and articles.

She will sit and “read” out loud to herself, just making up what she things the words are. I tell her we have to know how to read so we can do all kinds of things. And it’s coming, slowly.

She’ll be here in a few seconds. Just trying to get a little bit of edits done before she does.

Hope you have a great day! It turned cold for us! But I think it will warm up later.


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