4 Parrots All in a Row–Photo Art

I finally manged to get a shot of the parrots all looking in the same direction! And not busy grooming themselves with beaks buried in their feathers or each other’s!

Yay, I found the photo art file! It somehow moved to another folder. I don’t know how stuff like that happens, slip of a finger and then all kinds of havoc is wreaked.

I managed to finish 3,000 words yesterday, which I was surprised I’d manage. Especially with all the things I did with little one all day.

I’m at 58K on Billionaire. With only 22k words left to go, I need to begin wrapping up this book! And that’s fun!

I finally began taking some plants outside. Hope it doesn’t get too cold out. My chives are coming up in the garden, but I have two containers of them indoors, so I repotted them outside. They’ll feel better in the sunlight. And I have a pink and green plant, not sure what it’s called, that a friend gave me and it also does better outside.

I got the other faux fur fabrics in, so I will enjoy making up some bears from that.

I noticed that it’s going to be near record colds for the eastern part of the states. Even we’re colder than normal for this time of year.

And we’re doing an Easter egg hunt–minus candy. Pennies and magnet letters that little one can set up in alphabetic order and then she can have Mrs. Potato Head as the big prize.

When I was a kid, we didn’t have a Mr. Potatohead, but a neighbor did who had grandkids. When my mother would go over and visit with her and take me with her, I loved to play with that silly thing. Now they have it again in the stores, so I thought little one might get a kick out of it. She loves it! Some things never change.

Hope you all have a great weekend coming up. My daughter is off tomorrow so I won’t need to pick up the little one and I’ll get more written, hopefully. It all depends if my mind will allow it.


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