When the Polar Vortex Hits Houston

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So this is what I envisioned happened when we had our polar vortex here in Houston.

I wrote 3,000 words yesterday, And that was it. I wanted to write more, but couldn’t come up with anything. So I groomed Max and watched the Serpent, I think it was called–about a serial killer in Thailand who was from France. Then I had the worst nightmare this morning–car stolen–couldn’t find the number for the sheriff, and I was at some cult place that took care of kids. I think it was from watching this limited series and how this Dutch embassy official had doggedly tried to gather evidence in the case of two missing Dutch citizens and no one cared. Not the embassy, no one. Then the murdering Frenchmen and his girlfriend ended up back in France and they said it wasn’t their problem. They’d murdered French citizens. It was a Thailand problem. And the only one who finally was helping was someone who worked for the American embassy when an American citizen went missing.

They finally arrested the guy and his gang in Thailand and a corrupt official was bribed and let them walk so then more murders were added to the list. The victims were all backpackers or travelers, and they’d rob them and then kill them. It wasn’t a good series to watch before bedtime, I guess.

So seven years later, the Dutchman, who had been after this case for years, sees a garbled made-up tale in a tabloid and he goes to the editor and tells him the real story. With pictures and the real names of murdered victims, he shares the real story with the tabloid editor, who takes the information and posts it. Now, someone takes notice!

Thailand Interpol police are involved because of a missing French woman in Thailand, so the Dutchman shares all the gathered evidence he has. Bodies are exhumed and now there’s a worldwide search for the serial killers. I think last night might have been his capture, but I couldn’t stay up that long.

So in my wolf story, I’m writing about a billionaire, and the paparazzi are always hanging about trying to make up sensationalist stories. But what if I incorporated something that was true in the story. Not this true story, but something else and the only way to get justice and put the person behind bars is to share the story with a tabloid?

See? Watching the whole series might have given me an idea, maybe not for this book, but even another.

Okay, well, I need to work on some more scenes today. I’m up to 61K. I thought I was up to 63K. I think that was wishful thinking. Well, today, I should be.

Have a wonderful day!!

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