Happy Easter!

Bunnies and their shadows.

When my granddaughter saw this, she wanted to see what was on the other side. She wanted to see their faces. lol I told her they don’t have anything on the other side. You never know what will confuse a child.

For my avatar that we dress together on my writing game, I have lots of different things I’ve earned to dress her with. But some things are a no go. Beards, bushy eyebrows, scary face paints. We have to do it her way. When she’s not around, I can do it my way.

We’re having grilled ribs and some kind of sides for lunch. We’re way limiting dessert. My daughter has to watch it because of the baby. And I need to just watch it period. And little one doesn’t need it either. She was probably a year old when she had her first dessert for her birthday. A strawberry short cake with whipped cream and strawberries. We just didn’t feed her dessert. She didn’t need it.

So alphabet letters in plastic eggs and pennies will be what she’s searching for in the yard. She did get some candy that my son-in-law picked up for her preschool, but she’s limited on what she can eat of it. And she’s really good about it.

The other day though when I was asking her what we needed on grandma’s grocery list, she said, “Angel food cake!”



Well, it’s not supposed to have too many calories, but the problem is the delicious double fudge chocolate that goes on it!

We’re finally into my last week of waiting to take the 2nd vaccine. I read where people who have had COVID already only really need one shot as a booster. If that’s true, then those who are just getting their first shots who have had COVID before could bring the numbers higher for those fully vaccinated–if CDC agreed that it would truly be the case. So far, just for Texas, we have 15% for fully vaccinated. That amount keeps going up as more people finally get their 2nd vaccines. I saw that West Virginia is doing really well. And it looks hopeful that 12-15 year olds will be able to be vaccinated.

I’m going to still try and get my daily word count. I managed to get to 64K yesterday. 16K to go! It doesn’t seem real. But we’re celebrating Easter in a bit.

Happy Easter!

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