Baby Goldfinch Photo Art

Goldfinch Baby on My Fence

I took this picture of a baby goldfinch that didn’t fly off when I went outside. The birds wouldn’t if the dogs would always chase them. It’s like a game for them.

This time the bird was just sitting near the fountain. But little one was with me. “Don’t get near the bird, just stand still, don’t move.”

That’s like telling a butterfly not to go to the flowers in her path. lol

Anyway, she scared it off to the fence, but the bird was so calm. It just sat on the fence and got close and I was able to get some good photos. So I was showing her the picture that I had turned into art and asked if she remembered the little baby bird.

“Oh, yes.”

“And I told you not to go near it so I could take pictures of it?”

“Oh, yes.”

So when her mom came to pick her up, my granddaughter was telling us to be quiet, not to talk loudly, sneak across the floor or we would would scare the birds. Now, we’re sitting inside and not chasing after birds. I just thought it was funny.

Well, we managed a nice long walk yesterday. And another later, no baby yet today. Violent storms and pea sized hail last evening. One of my dogs is terrified during storms but he finally settled down on my lap while I combed him out. We had nearly 2 inches of rain.

And I managed to get up to chapter 24 of Best of Both Wolves. This is the first time through and I have 5 more chapters to go. Hopefully this weekend I’ll be able to finish it up. My daughter said she’d pick up my granddaughter from daycare today. But that’s contingent on if the baby doesn’t come. It looks like we’re going to have thunderstorms all day too.

I’m going to try and ship books and one bear this morning. I still need to finish the other for a 2 bear order. Trying to get the edits done on this book. And I managed to reach 30K on You Had Me at Cougar.

Hope you all have a lovely day! I’m back to edits! Once I’m done with those, I’ll be back to working on the billionaire story and the cougar one.

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