Muscovy Duck–Photo Art

Muscovy Ducks are bigger ducks, smaller than geese, and when I saw them I wasn’t sure what they were. These were at the Japanese gardens by the Houston Zoo. And then I worked some photo art texture magic.

So no baby yet. It’s past due. I had pizza with them last night and I managed to finally get to ch 19 on Best of Both Wolves edits. I wanted to get further–at least to ch 20, but I had to do a lot of revisions on ch 16, which led to revisions on ch 15 again and got through ch 17 and 18, yay!  The prologue I had is essential to the story. When I tried to take it out, it wouldn’t work. And when I made it work, I reached ch 16, and realized just why it couldn’t work!

I wanted to make this a summer story. The heroine had been in the Christmas story working the job she’s working. She’s been with the pack for 7 months. Unless I wanted to make this a winter story, and I didn’t–I have too much invested in boating on the lakes, etc, it wouldn’t work. The easiest solution is to have a prologue. Like I had already and everything worked!!!

Okay, so I’m hoping to get this done, expecting the baby any minute, and halfway done on finishing up the last bear order. I want to get those 2 bears and a book shipped Monday morning first thing.

Hope you all have a great day and note to self–the book is mine. The story is mine. I have reasons–valid reasons–for how I write them. 🙂 Now I have to go back in and resurrect the story the way I had it in the beginning. But I’m getting close to the end. Again!

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