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Wren Deep in Thought

I love the little wrens with their upturned tails. This one was sitting on my fence. One was on the feeder yesterday. I should have taken shots of her and of the red-headed woodpecker. I don’t see them very often, but I was so trying to finish up the edits on the book. I haven’t seen the red-headed woodpecker return. See? I should have gotten shots of the woodpecker when I had the chance.

My daylilies are all in bloom. I need to get a couple of pictures of them. It’s taken a while for them to really look like a showcase of flowers. I’m glad I put them in early on! And they make me want to do some more plantings of them. They have such a sunny disposition and they flower daily, so a constant bloom. I’ve seen where some gardens have like a drift of them throughout the garden. So pretty. And they don’t mind any kind of soil. Which helps. Low maintenance!

I finished edits on the Best of Both Wolves and turned it in. Yay! No baby yet. *sigh*

And I’m finishing up the other bear for the bear order this morning. Name and birth date on paws. Need hearts and a nose and he’s done. Then I need to get him and the little bear ready to ship, and the book to Hawaii off. And then it’s back to Billionaire–67K on that book. It’s due July 1st, so I still have time, but I still wanted to finish it up by the end of April. Will I? Maybe not once baby is here.

Then I need to finish You Had Me at Cougar–30K on that book, work on United Shifter Force Christmas, a novella–2,000 words so far, this one about the human Rowdy Sanderson and all he wants for Christmas is to be a wolf, this is for a Christmas anthology with other authors, and the next deadline book, another red wolf Christmas. It has to do with Maverick and the reindeer ranch, but not sure what the story will be about.

So lots of projects to complete–all fun!

Have a great day! I’ve got to get that bear done first thing!!


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