Little Bluebird Checking out Treats–Photo Art

Little bluebird trying to figure out what will be the best seeds to eat.

Well, I shipped off the rest of the bears and the last book yesterday, dancercized with my daughter for a while, and then early evening, she said she was having steady contractions so I took my granddaughter home with me last night. I can’t get her to sleep in her own bed where she could have all the star lights racing across the room or Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star playing for hours that soothes her, but drives me mad.

So I have her on her mat for a few minutes in my room, but then she was crying. *sigh*

She ends up in bed with me, though I have been able to get her down for naps on her mat some afternoons I have her. Then when she fell asleep, I turned off the music, yay! Still had to endure the wildly rolling lights. But she was clinging to me and I finally went to the other side of the bed to have some me space and the next thing I know, she’s clinging to me again. lol

I did finally manage to sleep some though. I asked her if she noticed I moved to the other side of the bed last night.

“Yes, and I followed you.”

I just had to laugh. So then this morning, she did NOT want to go to preschool. I told her that her teacher would be sad–she adores her teacher, and that I might end up having her overnight again if the baby tries to come. I normally have her here Wed and Thurs, so no preschool, and I hope I sleep better! Anyway, she’s at school for now and that means I need to get something done on my writing before I have to pick her up! I may end up at my daughter’s house in the middle of the night, or I might just keep Keira tonight, who knows. The baby doesn’t want to come.

All right, got to get to work!

Have a super, lovely day! Mine, I fear, is going to be crazy.


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