Bumblebees and Honeybees in the Garden

Tons of bumblebees and honeybees loving on all the tiny, tiny flowers of the sky pencil hollies. I have a whole row of them I planted along the fence when I first moved here 7 years ago and every year in the spring, they’re full of tiny, little white blossoms. To the bees, they are gems. I love them too because they grow in columnar form so they don’t take up a lot of room. I didn’t realize when I planted them that they were the bees’ knees in spring and summer.

Well, no baby yet. So still a wait and watch and wait and watch.

I’ll have little one over for the day, so at least she’ll be here if it happens. Same with tomorrow.

Yesterday, I went to pull up weeds around my sky pencil holly, forgetting that they are full of flowers AND bumblebees and honeybees. I had to quickly nix that idea! I took pictures instead. The holly are a flurry of honey-making business and I’m happy for it!

At least two of my bell pepper seeds are off to a good start on producing green bell peppers. I had just thrown a bunch of seeds in the ground when I was making stuffed bell peppers for lunches where they had grown before and they’re as happy as can be. It’s the same place where the midget tomato plants did so well and near where the other bell peppers had done so well. It’s 41 this morning, so cold for us though.

I got the raised bed materials to make that, so I’m going to solicit little one’s help and we’re going to put it together. Yesterday, she made a box car out of one of the boxes the fur came in. I told her she needed to decorate it, so that kept her busy for a while, coloring all the sides and the bottom. Then she decided it was a box bed and in went her pillow, blanket, and a couple of stuffed toys.

I had thought of going to Home Depot this morning to get more rocks–you know, to keep out the weeds, ha! And some more pavers so I can raise the flower bed up more. Even though it’s a raised bed, it’s only about 9″ tall, so not all that raised. It would really be nice to have a super raised bed where I wouldn’t have to bend over at all. Would that be like lazy gardening? If it worked, I’m all for it. lol

Well, I’m off to get something done before little one gets here. I managed to get 69K on edits on Billionaire so far. I’ve been reading from the beginning and while I’m doing that, I’m making edits so it adds a little at a time, not like when I’m just writing scenes.

Hope you all have a beautiful day. A friend told me in Minnesota, they’re paying landowners to grow plants that bees love. Man, I wish they’d do that here!


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