Gerbera Daisy Photo Art

Well, still no baby. I was rushing around to get the garbage out and feed the dogs and need to feed the birds. Little one will be here momentarily. I was cleaning house yesterday. I don’t know how things can get so messy when I’m just working  on the computer all day. lol

But dust accumulates, the dogs drag in grass and pine needles, little one brings out a ton of books for me to read, her workbooks to do, and toys to play with, and oh, yes, all my new fur is sitting on the table, calling me to cut it up into little bears and I don’t want to put it away until I have done so.

And there you have it. Multiple messes and I haven’t hardly created any of it. Except for cooking meals, of course, but I keep after that.

It’s cold again this morning, but I bundled up more. Feels like 49 this morning. I was out trying to break up some of the hibiscus branches to put out with the trash. I don’t know if they’ll come back at the roots or not. I put them in last year, so they may be dead completely. My esperanza is coming back at the roots and it will be 10 feet tall during the growing season, but I’m not sure about the hibiscus.

I’d rather have plants that can handle our heat and ice storms if we get them because I don’t want to lose them if we’re going to start getting weirder weather all the time.

My neighbors all over our neighborhood had beautiful Japanese blueberry trees, someone called them and they’re all dead. And so are the oleanders. It’s too costly to keep replacing beautiful plants that have survived 8-10 years and then in one cold freeze–that we might continue to have intermittently–they’re wiped out. Not to mention it’s a pain to take them down.

I’m still not sure about that one pine tree. It looked like it had a bunch of new pine needles. And the boxwood I move is still hanging on. So I wait and see. And I haven’t torn out my hibiscus just yet, though my neighbor, after having his for years, pulled his up and said they didn’t have any live roots, so….

Little one should be here any second. I’ve got to get some more stuff done and work on some more edits on Billionaire. I’m nearly up to 70K. I need 80K minimum, but I was thinking about a car running my heroine off the road and so I need to write that scene next. Yay!

Okay, have a super, fun day and I’m off to have fun with mine!!


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2 thoughts on “Gerbera Daisy Photo Art

  1. If the top of your evergreen is dead, the tree is dead. It just does not know it yet. That is what we go by out here, anyway. We will probably lose more this year as we are already saying Cal. is in another drought!

    • Oh, ugh, Sandra. Yeah, weather isn’t cooperating. Some of the boxwood is still alive. As to the pine tree, it’s like 30 years old, maybe 60-70 ft tall, so the branches are really super high and I can’t tell unless I had binoculars if they are alive or not. 🙂

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