Playing with Scrap Art with My Granddaughter

My granddaughter and I try to put together a picture a day when she’s here–using scrap art. I was trying to teach her the basics of drawing a house, building blocks. But she’s more into just wildly scribbling. My parents were both artists and I had hoped that maybe a grandchild might be an artist. I think some of it truly has to do with the genes.

Yesterday was Earth Day, forgot to mention it, but we planted oregano and thyme and chives in the planter box we put together. We still need more dirt and I want to put pavers in there to walk to the herbs so that it doesn’t fill with grass and weeds around it.

I only got about a 100 words on Billionaire during edits, but got up to chapter 11. I had a couple of ideas if I remember them this morning. It was at 3 am and I didn’t want to get up and write them down. And that can mean forgetting them by morning. lol

So no granddaughter today and that means that I hopefully can get to the end of the book and begin writing a bunch of new scenes that will finish the book!!

No baby yet. And my SIL cancelled his vaccination shot for today, thinking if she goes into labor today, he needs to be there for her.

Our vaccinations are lower than the country’s–23.7% for fully vaccinated, 27.2% for the country. Hopefully, that will pick up. I keep thinking that if people would just get it done, we could be able to open more things up, not have to wear masks all the time, avoid lengthy hospital stays, you know? Normalcy? Or near normalcy? They say that more women are getting shots than men. Hmmm.

Now the guys are supposed to be alpha heroes… So what’s the deal with that?

Okay, I’m off to get started on my writing.

Hope you all have a beautiful day!


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