The Grand-baby Finally Came!

Baby boy finally came!!! Little one and I have taken a walk, and we’re waiting on Momma to say she’s ready for us to come over. We’re getting donuts and I’m taking my camera to take pictures. He was over 9 lbs! And looks like he’s not a newborn. lol That’s what happens when the baby is a week late, I guess! So he and Mom are healthy and little one is anxious to see her baby brother.

We had a new sleeping arrangement last night. Both dogs slept in their crates in her room and she slept ALL night! Though she said her lights went off in the middle of the night. I told her we’d set them for longer. So at 6:45 this monring, she climbs into bed with me, talking away. Usually I’d be up by then, but I was having trouble sleeping last night and the kids and baby didn’t get home until 10 last night, so we talked for a while.

I managed to get some work done on the book. I need to do more edits this morning if I can get them done early before I get called to come over, but I figured I’d quickly get my blog done first.

It’s super soupy out this morning. Hot and muggy. I felt like I was back in Florida. It stormed on and off all day yesterday and we passed by some gigantic fire ant hills.

Cartoons are on, keeping little one occupied and then I’m going to get busy on edits, quickly! Oh, they said they just woke up. So 8:30 is the plan.

Hope you have a fun day! We’re off to have fun with ours! No longer waiting on baby, yay!


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4 thoughts on “The Grand-baby Finally Came!

  1. Congratulations. That’s so awesome how old is big sister?
    My sister had to wait two weeks with all 4 of hers. None of them were like newborns one of them was almost 10 pounds. My niece-in-law had her second baby early and she had to spend time in NICU and when she was up to 5 pounds she got to come home. My brother-in-law held her then handed her back saying, “She needs to go back in the oven. She’s not done yet.” We still laugh about that.

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