Storms in Texas

We’ve been having storms all night, electricity has been going on and off. We have thunderstorms for most of today. 4 1/2″ of rain yesterday. This was a picture I took in Crawford when I lived there of a massive storm over the cornfields. You can see the rain pouring down in the distance. It was a wild night here while we were under tornado watches and flood warnings. The lightning was striking overhead, the rain coming down in a deluge. And it’s supposed to continue for hours. We’re supposed to have a break for about an hour. Sometimes that’s the end of it, sometimes not. Last night it poured and I thought it would stop, and it would lightly rain, then pour again. And then the lightning and thunder would start up again. So I had only intermittent sleep.

Luckily, Max, my scaredy cat dog has been okay during all the storms. He usually shivers like crazy, and the one time, I had to put him in the closet, he was so terrified. But he was sleeping on my lap while I was working last night, or in his bed and was fine. And this morning, they actually went out in the pouring rain to potty.

I had planned to take a walk with little one, so I guess it’s going to be all indoor stuff today and tomorrow, if this continues,  and hopefully we won’t lose our electricity all day.

I saw how bad it was for Louisiana and parts of Texas and other areas in the South and my prayers go out to them.

I’ve been doing more work on memorial photos for folks and current family photos and pets. I got mostly caught up, but had a bunch more this morning that were posted.

I’m off to post the blog before my electricity goes out again!

Have a safe day!!! I need to get to work before little one gets here, feed the dogs, and take them out in the pouring rain again!


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