Digital Watercolors

I’ve been working hard all morning, getting things done. They’re priority, but the things I want to do with writing and such haven’t been started. I did write a scene last night that should give me about 700 words, and that will bring me to 33K on You Had Me at Cougar. But I still need to type it up.

We only had another inch of rain yesterday, despite all the severe storm warnings. So we chanced it and went to the grocery store and took two walks. That’s the hazard of telling a preschooler what you’re going to do with them the next day, if it doesn’t rain, and she only hears the part about what we’re going to do. lol. But it worked out great and by the time we were headed for home after the last walk, she was asking when we were getting home. lol I finally had worn her out!

Digital Textures

I did more digital watercolors yesterday, and a couple this morning, but I need to get back to the story. And I’ve got to scan in a document, so need to set up the scanner again. I was never using it, so finally put it away. It’s a big clunky thing, and I was just looking to see if they had good, reputable small ones. It’s amazing how small things have gotten instead of the huge clunky things they’ve been. Even the TV was a little larger than the other, and so much lighter! And compare that to the old TVs. But the new small mobile scanners have so many negative reviews, that I think I’ll just stick with the old one, unless it doesn’t work.

Digital Textures

Little one has been here for an hour and a half, and I just haven’t been able to get this finished. lol

Okay, off to pull out the old scanner and try to figure out how to hook it up. My hard drive went out on the old computer, so I’ve got to download drivers too. So much work to scan one page.

Have a great day!! I’m off to find the scanner.

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