Daylilies in the Garden

I used Topaz Labs Impressionist to create the Impressionist picture.

My daylilies are finally really becoming showcase flowers from a tiny beginning. I need to take some pictures of the new ones. I should have taken a picture of how sun deprived they look when I first plant them. But these are really turning out pretty.

It’s time to get back to work! I was at the doctor with my daughter and baby and then got home in time to grab a lunch and pick up little one and then ended up hugging on baby again, then went home and returned for dinner and taking kid pictures. So it was a wild day yesterday. Still, I managed to get to 36K somehow on You Had Me at Cougar.

I think I’ll switch gears and reread Billionaire and try to finish it up since I’m at the end of it. And then back to You Had Me at Cougar.

I’ve tried to think of several different openings for United Shifter Force Christmas and none of them are working, so I might just try something else for the Christmas anthology and maybe I can get going with it. Sometimes, I just need to think of a different story, new characters, and run with it.

We haven’t taken a family vacation since Thanksgiving two years ago. And we decided to do one at S. Padre Island this summer. Some of my fae stories have been set down there, and I even have a romantic suspense where I wrote that the characters were down there for a bit. It will be the first time little one has been on sandy beach or seen the “ocean.” So it has a bedroom with two beds in it that little one and I will stay in. We talked to her about sleeping in her own bed, right near Grandmom’s.  Her response, “I want to stay with Grandma.” So I suspect, she’ll be in bed with me. lol I don’t think my son-in-law has been there either. I’ve been once with my mother and kids and then again with my son who was in college by then. My daughter was off on a conference trip, also in college at the time. So my son and I had a ball too.

Anyway, we had planned a trip to Seattle and Canada (my dad was from Seattle, my mother from Canada) and we were so looking forward to it–then Covid-19 happened. So we didn’t go anywhere last year at all.

Except for the little ones, we’ll all be vaccinated and as long as we don’t end up having a hurricane or tropical storm come in about that time, it should be a blast.

Hope you all have a lovely day! I’m excited about concentrating on writing all weekend! And if I can finish up Billionaire, all the better!

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