More Pets in Digital Watercolor

I spent the day working on Billionaire yesterday and I’ll be doing the same today. I’m about halfway through edits. Hoping something will give me an idea an I can finish the story when I get to the end.

We’re supposed to have rain this morning, well, on and off all day, but when it’s light enough out, I plan to walk if it’s not raining. I spent all morning yesterday working on photos for my daughter or for others and then all afternoon and night on Billionaire. I’m hoping to finish it up today. But if I don’t, I have to run errands tomorrow, so not sure how much work I’ll get done on the book. Then Tuesday, I’ll have most of the day to work on it, if it’s not done by then.

I had to start printing out pages to edit because it just makes it easier to see mistakes at this point. I had moved some scenes around and when I did that, some comments were out of order, references to things that hadn’t happened yet, so was fixing those and other minor tweaks. It really helped to put the book aside for about a week so that I could look at it with fresh eyes.

In this one, I have the original photo my friend sent to me, and then I added the texture background, then did a Topaz Labs Impressionist painting on it. Above, I have one that I did the watercolor on. Smudge is a character in Tambra’s books and her own dog, so that was fun to do.

Okay, I’m off to work! Have a wonderful day!!!

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