The Sock and Shoe Thief

Tanner is such a nut. Here he is as a puppy. You can see his chew toy in the background while he’s got my shoe in his mouth. I used Topaz Labs simplify to create the oil painting look. Thankfully, he only hoarded shoes and socks, never chewed on them. He quit hauling off shoes when he was a puppy, but he still grabs socks if he finds any lying around. I had to train my granddaughter–who always takes her socks and shoes off at my house–to put her socks up on the coffee table or on the couch so he doesn’t grab them and take them to his bed. Every once in a while, I’ll see him with one in his mouth. The whole thing in his mouth. She has little socks, but still….

Woke to wild thunderstorms this morning. It shows like 11% chance of rain. About the time I have to run out, we’re supposed to have heavy thunderstorms. Maybe it will clear out by then or come later. The weather has been so unpredictable. Heavy chance, then no rain. No chance, and heavy rain.

I reached the end which is still not the end of Billionaire, but at least I made all the paper edits and now need to make the changes on the mss. Then I need to finish the book! It all depends if I can figure out the ending! I really hope to have it done this weekend.

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