Sunny Sunflowers!

The autumn variety is my daughter’s, the greener one is mine. I did plant some of the autumn colored ones also. I have a whole bunch coming up from my birdseed too. Silly birds. They’re supposed to eat the seeds. But I can’t wait to see the sunny sunflowers. They’re always like sunny giants in the garden.

Yesterday, I spent the day editing Billionaire, so I didn’t get a lot done on You Had Me at Cougar. But at least I managed a 1,000. I wanted to get to 40,000 yesterday no matter what.

We had a fun Memorial Day, grilling hamburgers, little one playing with her parents with a splash pad–93 F so it was perfect. I took pictures of them, the baby sleeping next to a fan and was perfectly happy in his enclosed sleeper so that he wouldn’t be bothered by bugs. He can sleep through all the dog barking and little one squealing. I wish I could sleep like that at night! I managed to get some pictures of a blue dragonfly. Love them. And some of my daughter’s flowers and a honeybee. With her being pregnant, she didn’t plant any seeds this year and these are all from seeds that propagated themselves. I have a lot like that also. She said she left the sunflower seed heads out there for the birds, but apparently they didn’t eat the seeds. lol

As for watching what I eat, I didn’t eat the tater tots, mayonnaise on my bun, or the grilled pineapple with brown sugar coating. I did get some birthday cookies delivered and I was NOT going to open the box. If I had known they were there, I would have taken them to our party. But my WW friend asked what was inside. It was like opening Pandora’s Box. As soon as I saw a chocolate chip cookie, I had to have one. But only one. In the past I would have had several. I figured I’d go over on points and gain, but I went way down. I ended up losing 4.2 lbs for the week. So this week, I start over today and I’ll keep on with what I’m doing and hopefully it will continue to work. I already feel better.

I was going to walk this morning before it gets too steamy and when I took the dogs out for the second time, I found it was pouring rain! I’m glad. We’re supposed to have a chance of rain all week, but I really didn’t think it would happen since we had a much higher chance on Saturday and it never rained. Everything has dried out because of the heat.

I’m off to re-read Billionaire and hopefully turn it in today. Have a great day!!! Mine has started out really great!


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