Hot, Hot, Hot Today!

It started out feeling like 86 at 6 in the morning, which means a sizzler of a day.

I’m digitally hand painting a puffin, which is taking me a while, so I played with orange flowers and turned them blue instead to show off here. Eye pleasing? Probably not. lol If I had more time, I’d do something more with it.

I finished Jingle Bell Wolf–the 2nd red wolf story. And I’m on chapter 12 of Best of Both Wolves, have 29 chapters to go with it. I need to return a broken in shipment item to the post office first thing, and then we’re going to swim. I hope to get maybe 5 chapters done today. I’m going to dig up a crepe myrtle volunteer to take to my daughter’s when I drop off little one and hold the baby while she plants it. The last one never got planted and died. I noticed my first crepe myrtle is in bloom and I need to take a picture! It’s hot pink. They’re so pretty. Even with their peeling bark, the trees are pretty. I just read where you should leave trunks in combinations that make for odd numbers which is more appealing. Huh, I didn’t know that. So 3, 5, 7 trunks.

I hear the Delta variation of the virus is bad news. And I’m off to try and get something done before little one gets here!

Have a great day!!!


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