Puffin and Friend Photo Art

This is the puffin I’ve been working on, on and off for a few days. I used Photoshop mixture brushes to digitally paint him and added a texture background.

In the meantime, I have 9 more chapters to read on Best of Both Wolves. Yay! And I couldn’t sleep, thinking of how I want to get back to You Had Me at Cougar and work on the elusive Christmas novella also.

I’m excited about that! I really enjoyed both the books I was proofing/editing. I love it when they’re nearly done and ready to be released and it gives me one or two (in the case of Best of Both Wolves when it comes back for final proofing) last time to enjoy them, not in a way that I’m trying to figure out a beginning, middle and end, how to pump up conflict, or make them more romantic, or more wolfish, but that the little mistakes are being fixed and for the most part, I can read them for enjoyment.

I’ve got to run errands this morning, but hoping I can get some of the chapters read early and then when I get home, finish them up. My granddaughter and I played in the water for an hour and a half yesterday and she actually wanted to stay longer, but it was getting too crowded, so when the lifeguard blew the whistle, we went home and ate and then took a walk later. We had a 96 degree heat index, just so hot, though the water was cold still! But it was hot enough to make it enjoyable.

We were supposed to have storms last night, but if so, I didn’t hear them. It’s supposed to just be hot today and all week long. Okay, I’m off to edit some more before I have to run. Have a wonderful day!


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2 thoughts on “Puffin and Friend Photo Art

  1. Puffins are one of my most favourite birds! I did a large one in watercolour for a college art class.
    Congrats on getting all that writing and editing done!


    • Oh wonderful! I bet it was beautiful! I’m so trying to finish up the cougar story so I can get started on a Christmas novella and novel, but it’s so hot, who can think of Christmas, right? lol

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