The Question is Why?

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I walked and then worked on weeding part of one flowerbed out front. My flowers and and crepe myrtles and sunshine ligustrum are getting bigger, but the the grass and weeds still manage to take over. I think once it’s a little more shaded out, it will help, or not.

In any event, it’s so hot and muggy even at 8 in the morning, my sunglasses steamed up. It just zaps you of strength. 93 heat index already! And this is the coolest part of the day. If I could have weeded in the dark, it would have been better. lol

Stormy weather over the cornfields in Crawford.

Well, I’ve managed 2,000 words a day for a couple of days. My publisher wants the long synopsis, etc, for red wolf Christmas. They did this to me last year too. I have deadlines of April 1st, July 1st, and October 1st. October is the Christmas book. I was just finishing up the July book. So now they don’t want the July book for July but they want the Christmas book instead? And I worked like crazy to meet a July deadline just so the book is pushed back to publication in January of 2023? I work all the time to meet deadlines. I can’t pull a full length novel out of my head in a few days. I wish!!! Just think of all the books I could write. The question is why did I get myself into this predicament again this year? Because I have a contract, AGAIN, that states when my deadlines are for each book. And Christmas isn’t due until October.

But I’m not going to do this again for a 3rd year in a row.

What am I writing on the Christmas story? I have no idea! I just finished with Billionaire. I have to have time to think of writing the next book.

Anyway, so I’m back to cougar and hope you all have a truly fantastic day! I’m staying in and keeping cool. And writing.

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