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May be an image of text that says 'C.G. Drews @PaperFury there are three types of writers; 1) those who plot their books 2) those who discover their plot along the way 3) those who know what will happen but their book is a bit feral still, needs a bath, has bitten and will bite again 8:06 AM 21Jul 21 Twitter Web App'

Which one am I? A little of all three.

So, I managed 1800 words yesterday on Cougar, was trying for 2,000, but it was getting too late. I did too much weeding instead. Well, actually, I just was struggling with ideas.

I think I have an idea for the red wolf Christmas story. I still need to do one for the novella. In Legend of the White Wolf, I had a group of Bigfoot hunters and so I think one of their friends who also believes in Bigfoot had the flu and didn’t join them. He’s lost touch with them, but he has formed his own group of Bigfoot hunters…and so the story goes.

Today is one of those busy days with my granddaughter. And I need to go to the grocery store, so I’m hoping we can do that early.

A little steampunk fun!

She’ll be here any minute, so need to run. But I feel better that I kind of know what I’m going to do on the story now.

Have a terrific day!!! I need to work on edits before little one is here…

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