Yellow Fish

This is a picture of a yellow fish that I took at the Woodlands Children’s Museum. I took several, but the fish wouldn’t stand still and this was the only one that looked really good. lol

I was out taking pictures this morning of clouds, the sunrise, the full strawberry moon–which is not pink, and the flowers, perfect lighting. I walked before it got too hot.

Yesterday, I found the orders that I need, but my scanner isn’t working.

That’s how you write a story, you know. One problem after another. And the deadline is looming.

Anyway, going with the kids to the pool in a bit, so editing You Had Me at Cougar first thing this morning to get somewhere with it. I need to finish this up, final proof Saving the White Cougar, begin writing the Christmas anthology story and the Red Wolf Christmas story. At least the mess I made while organizing and getting rid of stuff is starting to look more manageable. But I still have a paper mess everywhere. Just not a foot high all over the place. In the past when I would attempt this, I would just toss it all in a box and figure I’d get to it later, and then not. Ever.

Hope you all have a grand day! I’m back to the story! And feeling really good about it!

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