Yellow Fish Photo Art

Turtle looking in on the fish in the aquarium in this magical piece of art.

It was a wild day yesterday, between doing edits on cougar, walking, then going to the pool, swam, then watched baby, took pictures, then did some edits, then went home, then drove out to have my daughter’s earring issue fixed. She’d had her ears re-pierced the day before, and they were having a live band there so that was neat. And my granddaughter played Tick-Tac-Toe with us. Giant one, so that was cool. Thankfully I had my camera and took pictures.

Then we went into a fun toy shop, took pictures and then walked back to the car after a rainstorm. Then I drove to a place where they had planted a ton of golden coneflowers and they were so beautiful. I had my camera with me still, so I parked and walked over there to take pictures. Then went home, edited, had lunch, and then I walked the half a mile to their house for a cul-de-sac party in the light rain. 95 degree heat index, so it was hot. I ate too much so I hoped all the exercise burned some of those extra calories I shouldn’t have eaten.

I walked back the half mile in the heat. At 7:30, it was still hot, about 90 degree heat index.

So, I had a wild and fun day!

Today, more swimming and then the rest of the day will be spent on cougar and relaxing and downloading all those pictures! lol

Have a super fun day!

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