Picture of a Puzzle–Alice in Wonderland

My daughter loves Alice in Wonderland, so she finished this puzzle and I had to take a picture of it.

At Sunset

But it’s hard to find stuff that isn’t just the Disney version. Still, this was fun. We had thunderstorms that chased us out of the pool yesterday and we had them on and off throughout the day. Normally, it’s not my day to take care of my granddaughter, but she wanted to go home with me so we had lunch, watched movies, and read books. She wouldn’t nap though, and I took her home so I could get some work done on cougar.

I have her today and we planned to go swimming again. She’s just now trying to learn how to swim–treading water and trying to make it from point A to point B, but she sinks more than she floats. lol Still, she finally is eager to try and I want to keep it up with her before the kids go back to school and they close the pool. But we’re supposed to have thunderstorms all day. It says 99% this morning, but I’m still seeing the sun, so what do I know? We see thunderheads lots and they’re really spectacular and then nothing happens.

Just checked the weather and it dropped down to 55% chance of rain. But 80% by the time the pool is open. We can swim in rain, just not thunderstorms. So it’s iffy. I don’t want to take her and then have to leave the pool because of the storms. She was so confused yesterday. But they didn’t blow the whistle a second time, she told me. Right, because of the thunderstorms. They close the pool for half an hour and you can’t hang around. You have to leave.

Anyway, I think it’s a stay at home day today.

Well, I’m off to post this before she gets here or it could be another hour or two before I do!

Have a fun-filled day!

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