Eye of the Dragon-Easy Projects for Little Ones

This was one of our 4 year old projects, though it takes days, so we should have started it on Thursday when she was here all day. We started it on Friday, Saturday it had begun cracking out of his shell. And Saturday evening when I was taking care of baby, we saw the eye of the dragon. My granddaughter is fascinated with it and kept checking it constantly. First thing when she woke up, she had to check on the dragon’s egg and was so excited to see it had cracked. lol When I pick her up from school, I’ll have to drop by the house first to show her the dragon’s eye before I take her home.

She also did this suncatcher. The first one, just starting out, the 2nd when it was still wet, and the third one when it was dry. It’s really cute. We have 12 of them to do, so we can play with them once a week. It helps with coordination and she did it all by herself, though I took a q-tip to remove some of the paint off the black lines on the balloon. I might not have needed to, not sure.

But it was easy for a 4 year old to do.

We also created rice cake treats with cereal faces. The ones they showed in the magazine were bigger. These were a little too small. But she had fun, added peanut butter and then the decorations. They showed a mix of fruit and cereal, but ours just weren’t big enough.

I’m over halfway done on proofing Saving the White Cougar, and edits are coming in for You Had Me at Cougar, so for the next few days I’ll be concentrating on getting those done, then back to trying to figure out the Christmas stories!

It’s supposed to be 94 here, which, with heat index, will be about 104. So good day to stay home and work on the books!

Have a lovely day!


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