Blue Parrots all in a Row

Yesterday was a fun day. I went shopping with my daughter and grandbaby and we had lunch out, then I had to go pick up my granddaughter at preschool in the deluge of a thunderstorm. Had to rush her and all kind of stuff to the house. Then home again and I finished up chapter 4 proofing on You Had Me at Cougar.

Blue Parrots at the Houston Zoo and Oscraps page and elements.

What was fun about the parrots is that they finally were all looking in the same direction at one point and I was able to get all of their heads instead of some of them grooming themselves. So it was a model-perfect pose.

One of my beta readers organized a fun role-playing group on Facebook for the cougar series some years ago and a group of fans act out the roles. So she wanted me to add a couple of characters who weren’t getting enough showtime in the book so they could role play. How fun is that?

I just have to make sure that when I add stuff, I don’t make new mistakes. But once this is up on the sites before it’s up for sale, I’ll proof it again.

I lost 2.6 lbs this week, woohoo, and I’m still eating, so not starving myself. It’s just a matter of eating lower calorie choices. I picked up a bag of individual bags of skinny popcorn and it’s satisfying the urge for something salty. And instead of chocolate if I have a sweet craving, though sometimes I have one “square,” though it’s really rectangular piece of dark chocolate, I eat an apple.

I still eat beef, but a lot more chicken also. On the blue plan on Weight Watchers, chicken breasts are free, though chicken thighs are 3 pts for 3 oz. Now who has a weight measuring tool? Not me. So I wing it. And when I get hungry and just have to eat something more, I just steam some vegetables, add butter and seasoning, and yes, the butter counts, but I still manage to keep my 23 points or less and lose weight. I’ve lost 12.6 lbs so far and it’s working! It’s not just a diet, but rethinking what I eat.

Okay, so I’m back to work on the book. Need to take Tanner in for his shots at 8. I just have tor remember it and not get too involved in proofing the book this morning!

Have a wonderful day! I’m off to get back to mine!


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