You Had Me at Cougar Released!

Master baker Ava Lamar has one mission in mind after baking tons of treats for the Fourth of July celebration in Yuma Town—swimming at Lake Buchanan on this hot summer’s day. What she doesn’t expect is to be saddled with running the fortune telling booth—using her real psychic abilities—and giving a hot, bachelor cougar a place to stay for the whole weekend.

Cougar Shifter Force Special Agent Chet Kensington has just finished a tough mission, been chewed up a bit by rogue cougars, and he’s taking a break to be with his old team, but he has no place to stay, everything being booked up in Yuma Town for the big cougar celebration. When Ava reluctantly allows him to stay with her, he finds himself drawn to her the whole celebration long.

But back home in Wyoming, things are getting out of hand. A serial killer is murdering female cougars and he and some of his old team have to find him, pronto. The problem is all the trouble leads right back to Ava—and now he has to do his best to keep her safe before the killer adds her to his list of victims.


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I was going to write this earlier, but then I realized it looked too summery, so I went with Cougar Christmas Calamity earlier and then this was my summer cougar book. But I thought I’d write Saving the White Cougar as a Halloween novella and so I thought I’ll jump on that quickly between wolf deadline books. But Saving the White Cougar kept growing and growing and growing. lol

So it turned into a full-length novel, which is fine, but I still needed it to come AFTER You Had Me at Cougar. 🙂 You Had Me at Cougar print cover will be worked on Monday, so I’m hoping I can have it up by Friday of next week.

Saving the White Cougar is ready for preorders with a release date of September 1st.

We had violent storms last night and this morning, but I think things are supposed to chill out after that.

Now if I could only come up with some ideas for the Christmas stories!

I have to start thinking WOLF again.

Have a great day!


“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male where fantasy is reality.”
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