My Cat is Not Spoiled…

It’s going to be a wild day today is all I can say. I was out pulling up spent sunflowers and got the trash out. I have a million things to do.

When I took Tanner in for his shots, the vet recommends I brush my dogs’ teeth. Well, that’s easier said than done!!! Yes, he eats hard food. Yes, he chews on bones. Yes, he crunches on hard biscuits. It doesn’t matter!

So there’s something I can add to the water that I’m going to try that’s supposed to help with the tartar build up. And he has one ear with too much hair in it. Tanner is a hairy dog. What can I say? His black fur is so thick it’s wonderful, but it’s also a job to comb through all the way to the roots, though I spend a couple of hours on him every day. I looked at his ear, but I couldn’t see what she was talking about. He’ll go to the groomers this weekend and I’ll ask them to do it. At least with trying to brush his teeth, he likes the baking soda toothpaste. And when Max came up to get his brushing–he has to do everything that Tanner does, Tanner was right back up there wanting me to brush his teeth again. Well, maybe not brush them, but give him some more of that toothpaste. Silly dog.

Little one will be here any second, so I need to wrap this up. I have to go to the grocery store this morning or we won’t have anything for lunch or dinner.

Hope you all have a wonderfully exciting day too!


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