Back from South Padre Island!

This was the first time my son-in-law had been. My granddaughter had never been to a beach before or seen the ocean. (Gulf of Mexico). It’s not a horribly long drive–about 7 hours, but we had to add to the time with gas stops, bathroom stops, baby feeding and diaper changing stops. We were only 2 cars away from a horrible 18-wheeler accident. I was sitting in the way back so didn’t see it. My son-in-law had to swerve to miss the guy slamming on his brakes in front of him, and then the 3 vehicles pulled over, but since none of us in our car had seen what had happened, and with a baby and 4 year old in the car, we waited while the men in the two trucks ahead of us got out and were pulling the driver out of the overturned cab. The traffic was going through still and the emergency vehicles were on their way and we continued on ours.

Just phone picture crossing bridge to South Padre Island

On the way down, we were delayed by an accident on the bridge to the island. Driving 9 miles took an hour. I can’t even imagine how they could have removed the wrecked cars on that high bridge.

This is the first vacation we’d had in 2 years because of COVID.

On the way home, we ran into torrential thunderstorms and I can never understand how some people won’t turn on their lights! Don’t they know that the visibility is so bad that other cars can’t see them? It’s not so much that they can see better on the road!

Anyway, we’re home and I have to take care of little one today instead of on Thursday. She had a little too much sun. She was absolutely fearless in the water when it can be so dangerous. Tidal pull was strong, but it was shallow a long ways out, so I pulled her on a boogie board through the water, held the board while she stood up on it, and then took her to the drop off where other kids were sitting in the shallows and she was doing that.

Then there was the shark trough. That’s what I think of it because of the Cape Canaveral Beach in Florida where they closed it to the military servicemen. They had so many shark attacks in that trough before the sandbar and this looked just like it.

We walked 2 miles to a Italian ice cream shop. I ended up carrying my granddaughter about 3/4 miles of the trip and daddy and mommy carried her the rest of the time. We needed her stroller. She had walked all over the boardwalks earlier that day at the Birding Center. And of course for hours at the beach. So she just couldn’t make it.

Thunderstorms we ran into on way home.

Okay, little one will be here momentarily. Trying to download my pictures since 4th of July. And I have a book to proof, Silence of the Wolf, and a red hat society bear to make. I need to pick up the dogs at 1. So another crazy day, though I was ready to just chill and wash and such!

Have a wonderful day!


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