Green Heron and Baby Chick

Man was I tired yesterday. You know how they say you need to have a day break from work after a trip to recuperate from the vacation, well, it’s true! Little one and I started on a rainbow sewing project. She has a cloud, two unicorns, and can’t remember what else to sew. I have to help with it, but she’s loving it. We still have to finish the rainbow too.

I managed only to take care of two things that had come up while I was gone. I need to work on proofing Silence of the Wolf, but with my granddaughter here until late, I just couldn’t manage. So after I get groceries tomorrow, I’ll have to get to work on it. I discovered, when I went to get her some milk, mine had gone bad!

I did work on some of the photos when I had time, so here is a Green Heron and its baby chick. This was at the Birding and Nature Center on South Padre Island. The heron was on the railing of the boardwalk and I had taken several pictures of him/her, momma or daddy, and then saw something small move on the reeds next to the water down below. I captured a couple of shots before the baby moved into the grasses and hid its face. So cute.

I didn’t manage to get to the 5 story tower there, but we walked all over the boardwalks for 2 hours after already having a long day of it at the beach. Just too much fun! And I was in hog heaven being able to take pictures of the birds and alligators, turtles, crabs, and a bunny rabbit. Oh, and barn owl and tortoises. It would have been even better if it had been overcast, but you have to do what you have to do.

Now I want to go to the birding boardwalk we’re supposed to have around here. I’ll have to check into it. But I’ll want to go when it’s not so beastly hot.

Have a beautiful day. I’ve got to get going on mine!


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