Alligators at the Birding and Nature Center, South Padre Island

When we were walking on the Birding boardwalk, naturally, I was looking for birds to photograph, but then my son-in-law pointed out what he thought was an alligator. Sure enough, I took a picture of it and when I handed the camera to him so he could see it, the alligator disappeared! Just think if you were wading out there! Playing the Jaws’ music here. It’s one of the wild alligators in the reserve.

The smiling alligator is in part of the protected reserve.

The little alligator looks like a stuffed alligator, it was standing so still. They told us they have to separate all the different ages or the bigger ones will eat the little ones. It’s an alligator eat alligator world out there.

Okay, so I managed to get to chapter 20 on proofing for Silence of the Wolf, nearly done with the novel, I think, and then the novella is after that, SEAL Wolf Pursuit. Which means I’m only halfway through this book, 200 pages done, 200 pages to go. I hope to have it done so I can get started on the Christmas books this weekend, though I have babysitting duty on Saturday. The kids are going to see their first movie in 2 years at the theater–and we have a brand new theater that opened in June. Then my daughter and I will see a movie together maybe the following weekend, and daddy will take care of the kids!

Also, You Had Me at Cougar is now available in print! Woohoo!

Okay, off to work! Have a super, fabulous day!!!


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2 thoughts on “Alligators at the Birding and Nature Center, South Padre Island

  1. If y’all are still at south Padre the restaurant inside that Yacht Club Hotel in Port Isabel used to be really good.

    • Oh, we’re home, but that sounds neat! We saw the pirate one, not sure how good that would have been, but it looked like fun. 🙂

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