Recreating Covers

I wanted to redo some covers, or buy some artists’ covers if I could find any that would suit a couple of my stories that are already written, but I couldn’t find one I liked for The Shadow Elf, so yesterday I worked on a new one of my own. I had made the first one 11 years ago and I’ve learned a lot about Photoshop and compositing since then!

Now I’ll have to see what else I have that I need to rework! But I’m still trying to finish up USF Christmas. The cover for that one is still a work in progress, but nearly done. I’m hoping I’ll have the United Shifter Force Christmas novella for the anthology finished by Sunday night and can start editing it! Over halfway done! 🙂❤ Coming December 7th, 2021

I managed to get 2500 words yesterday on United Shifter Force Christmas so I’m up to 13,500.

At 5:30 this morning, it’s supposed to be 80 degrees and 7% chance of rain. The weatherman needs to wake up and change the forecast. It is POURING. Yay! Love it when it rains.

So I have my granddaughter for the next two days. She’s been missing me since I haven’t had her since last Thursday. Even though I pick her up from school every afternoon, it’s not the same as staying the day with grandma. Her mom made the mistake of teasing her about staying the night with grandma and she had a fit when she couldn’t. lol Grandma was still trying to get word count on the book last night. Today, and Friday I probably won’t get much done at all.

Okay, well I’m up early, so need to get some stuff done before she gets here!

Have a beautiful day! Mine started out fun with a great storm that, according to the weather service, isn’t happening.


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