Doing More Fun Art Challenges

These are with Oscraps products so you have to have them to do the contests. This one was using a certain color palette they gave. The orange cat is a photo I took. I won another of the contests! Not with this one, but another.

New month, new challenges.

My air conditioner went out and it was 85 in the house and MUGGY. So I’ve had to have a new one put in and it won’t come in until this afternoon. I slept at the kids’ house, but boy was their AC low. I had seven blankets on the bed to keep me from freezing. Now I’m back at home and in the heat and humidity. lol

The AC people did give me a loaner portable AC, so I’m using it now and it’s helping. Talk about trying to come up with Christmas cold when I feel I’m sitting in the heat outside! lol

Okay, got to get to work. Have a delightfully fun day!


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One thought on “Doing More Fun Art Challenges

  1. You sure did not get much mileage from that A/C. I cannot remember what year you moved in but it can’t be more than 5 years??? Must be that planned obsolescence at work.

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