A Final Vote for the Anthology Title

I ended up with this on the Shadow Elf Cover. The updated book is up on most sites, but I’m working on the print cover now. And Amazon Kindle has done something strange so my Vellum upload isn’t going through. I sent an email to them to find out how to correct the MOBI file, but no response yet.

Missed my blog yesterday. I was trying to get a million things done yesterday–including getting The Shadow Elf’s updated book up and working on the print cover, and then my granddaughter was here. I spent most of the time doing things with her–art projects, reading, workbooks, and then the next-door neighbor’s granddaughter came over and we did more art projects. Though I have to act the mediator oftentimes. Both are stubborn to a fault and both have to have things their way. The neighbor’s girl is 2 1/2 years older than my granddaughter, and at 4 and 6 1/2, there’s a lot of difference.

But they still have fun and my granddaughter doesn’t want her to go and she doesn’t want to leave. lol But Grandma’s glad to have time to work on HER stuff when everyone’s gone.

So I did the changes on A United Shifter Force Christmas, changing things from murder and mayhem, to just mayhem. I’m at that phase where I can’t sleep because I keep thinking about how I want to add to the story and finish it up. I was thinking that if this takes too much longer, I’m going to have trouble getting my Christmas full length novel done in time.

We’ve got another vote on the title for the anthology for anyone who wants to have their say.

❄️Pick Our Title, Win the Book!❄️
We’ve narrowed it down to 8, but need help picking the final title for our wolf shifter holiday anthology. Tell us your favorite for a chance to win one of 10 copies! https://bit.ly/2V9KI1Z #Shifters #PNR #Giveaway

I can’t wait to have the title and cover ready to share!

I’m off to work on A United Shifter Force Christmas and add a scene I thought of this morning. Well, I’ve been mulling it over for a few days, just couldn’t think of where to include it.

And I’m still on the downward trend on my weight! Yay! I want to lose 7 more lbs. And maybe more after that, but I feel great even now.

Have a beautiful day!! I need to feed the ravenous dogs before I do anything further though!


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