Finally Home and…

selective focus photography of pink petaled flowers
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My yard totally doesn’t look like this. My poor neighbors. The yard guys come to mow tomorrow. They only come once every other week and they only mow and weedeat, so my flowerbeds are weed beds right now. With 107 heat index daily and a broken wrist, I’m up to the challenge. I managed one 40-gallon bag this morning while my granddaughter told me which weeds to pull. lol, but I’ll have to do this all week long.

She missed me so much and I missed her and baby was giving me the biggest smiles.

Had a lovely time in Omaha visiting with my son and DIL, got a lot of writing done, but it’s time to concentrate on it and get it done! I need to download the pictures my son took for me at the zoo and wildlife park!

Don’t have a good day! Have a GREAT day!


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