Crane at Wolf Canyon

This is one of the pictures I took. The crane was right next to the car and I rested the camera on the car’s “windowsill” so I could take the picture without putting any weight on my broken wrist.

Such a fun place to visit in Omaha. We walked around 4 miles there.

I managed to download the about 1,000 pictures we took at the wildlife park, botanical gardens and zoo, only wrote 600 words yesterday, sigh, but I have been revising heavily, so I was editing more. My granddaughter was here and then I was trying to comb out the dogs. They are a matted mess. I’ve never brought them home in such a mess as I did at this kennel. They wanted to shave them off. I said no. I would get them back in shape and then take them to a different groomer to have their faces and feet and back sides trimmed. They are Havanese and need the fur for insulation/protection from sunburn. They’re originally a Cuban breed.

I washed them yesterday and then let them air dry. And last night, started the slow process of combing them out. I can barely use my left hand and that makes it more difficult. I had to do everything one-handed with washing them also. They each weigh 16 lbs. It reminds me of Lady in the Water where the muscleman was only exercising one arm. lol That’s me. I put a “rubber” sleeve over the splint that I purchased from Amazon to protect it from getting wet.

I need to make a list of all the things I need to do–get the novella ready for publication, get groceries!!, sign up for D2D for the novella, order books for my beta readers and dedications for the two cougar books, read a book for a quote, and the list goes on. I woke up last night thinking about it all and then couldn’t sleep. So if I make a list, I won’t have to worry about all this stuff. So many things have deadlines and they’re all for September.

So I’m off to weed first, then grocery shop, then order the books, then work on the story….Or order books first, then…

Don’t have a good day! Have a GREAT day!


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