Christmas Wolf Surprise

Nice and cool out this morning, nicer than in the house! I’m at 58K on the book, and I have a few scenes to write, wrote the epilogue, yet, I’m like how do I write 22K more on the book just to get word count?

Of course, I’ll need to edit it and more will probably come to me. I often do this and the next thing I know I’ve got 10K over and wondered why I was worried.

And this is the December book that will be coming out. It’s an anthology of a collection of novellas. Notice I am listed last, not because I’m the least important author or because I’m an omega, but because Asa decided to go by first name in alphabetical order. When I was a kid, my last name started with a W, so yes, I was always last. I’m used to it!

Okay, little one here, and I’ve got to run. Have a super fun day, and try not to be last!


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